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Contract Cleaning

Our daily contract cleaning services give you a full range of cleaning functions for your business premises under one umbrella.

Rather than employing many different companies to provide the various cleaning services your business may need, using us means you’ll only deal with one cleaning company to clean every aspect of your business premises.

Our contracts are all customized to each client’s individual needs

We service the following sectors:


We offer specialised cleaning for the industrial sector and service among others food and packaging manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, warehouses and other manufacturing plants. Supra Services has the right industrial cleaning solution for your specific requirements.

Our in depth knowledge and experience in health and safety, ensures that all cleaning staff have the correct training and comply with all safety requirements.


Our commercial services extend to office blocks, commercial complexes, or any other commercial building such as a bank or financial institution. Our commercial cleaning services suit businesses of any size – so whether you’re a small three-person office or a large, multi-building office park, we take the cleaning function out of your hands.

With our business cleaning services, we can supply all our own equipment, detergents and materials, so you don’t need to lift a finger to make sure your building is spotlessly clean.


Our retail cleaning service focuses on shopping malls, food retailers and stand alone shops. Our staff are thoroughly trained for the retail sector and maintain high standards of general appearance.

This is particularly important in a retail environment where the general public often interacts with our staff.